HASSAN ABDELGHANI | About the Artist


Hassan Abdelghani, photographer and manager of the photographic gallery “Makina”
in Pula, has so far realized and organized numerous photographic exhibitions in Croatia and abroad.

Hassan was born in Osijek in 1965, grew up in Cairo (Egypt).

He completed his photographic education in Copenhagen in 1991, and in 1998
he established a private photo-school “Global Fotoskole”. He signs a series of art
projects: he was a curator at more than 30 exhibitions, artistic director of the Photogallery
“The doors of the old town” in Osijek, had solo and group photo exhibitions in Denmark, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, Romania, Germany and

On his return to Croatia, Hassan works as stills photographer on a selection of top Croatian and international films including “Sve dzaba” (“All for free”), the winner of the
Pula film festival 2008, “Kenjac” (“The Donkey”), “Buick Riviera”, and “White Lightnin’”.
He also works as the coordinator of the Photo Section at the Zagreb Film Festival,
Pula Film Festival, Motovun Film Festival, Animafest, Human Rights Flim Festival.

His photographs are currently in the collection of the Museum of Arts and Crafts,
Zagreb, and his images from the “From a distance” series are in the collection of
Countess Candela Alvarez Soldevilla, Madrid and Julian Agut, Barcelona.

Hassan is the winner of the Rovinj Photo Days 2012, for the best artistic concept,
“From a Distance”.

In 2012 Eikon Studio publishes his book of photograps “From a distance“.
By the decision of Ministry of Culture (Republic of Croatia), the exhibition 1914: from a
Distance will be travelling around the world in the next four years, representing Croatia
in various events commemorating the 100th anniversary of the First World War.
His latest photographic work is published in the book “Eufrazijana” in 2014, with the
help of EU funding.

Hassan lives and works in Pula, Croatia.